Workspace Ergonomics

Workspace Ergonomics
What Is Ergonomics?
Ergonomic design is all about making the work environment and specific job tasks fit the worker’s need for comfort, health and safety. In other words, “making the work fit the person” rather than “making the person fit the work.”

Comfort Pays
Since 90% of all office workers use computers, there are a lot of people who can benefit from proper ergonomics in the workplace. Good ergonomics have been demonstrated to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Improve worker morale
  • Reduce health issues such as repetitive stress injuries, back and neck strain, eye strain, muscular pains and headaches

Ergonomic Workstation Solutions – A few easy adjustments to your customers workstation can make a huge difference to their daily routine.  Help them to discover how they can prevent bad working habits to ensure they stay productive and engaged in their work with the Fellowes 4 zone approach and range of ergonomic workstation solutions.
Workspace Ergonomics Zone 1
Workspace Ergonomics Zone 2
Workspace Ergonomics Zone 3
Workspace Ergonomics Zone 4