Splinting Materials

HiTech Therapy supplies a wide range of thermoplastic splinting materials which are available in different thicknesses, degrees of perforation, degrees of rigidity and resistance to stretch to meet the needs of different patients and splint-makers.

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Choosing Your Thermoplastic Splinting Material…

Maximum support.

Perforated (1%, 2% or 2.5%) for slight ventilation and added comfort without compromising rigidity.
Tip: Material softens quicker when heated.

UltraPerf, OptiPerf, SuperPerf
UltraPerf (13%), OptiPerf (19%), Lightweight provides greater ventilation for increased comfort and compliance. SuperPerf (38% or 42%) for lighter weight, exceptional ventilation and greater comfort and compliance.
Tip: For additional support, select a thicker material, with higher perforations.
Tip: Higher perforations soften quicker when heated and cool faster.


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